Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gorillaz Journey...

I was unhappy with the latest incarnation of Gorillaz as it has lost its narrative and seemingly ditched the animated band. (Side note: I saw them live after the first album and I loved the spectacle of what I presume was Damon Albarn & Co. behind a screen.)
Luckily, Gorillaz have released a 15min film that weaves everything into the narrative and provides some fun and interesting animation.

I gets most interesting after the 9min mark.

Violence & Alienation?

Kasama Project posted on article entitled Violence & Street Fighting: Who Says It Alienates the People?

The article addresses liberal/Leftist criticisms of anarchist "violence" using historical examples of violent struggle. The article, while pertaining mostly to contemporary North American anarchy, is couched in leftist/communist terms. Don't let that turn you off, my dear anarchists.


Revolutionary politics and militant tactics are inherently shocking to powerful sections of society. It is certainly unacceptable to that liberal establishment (that some want to ally with). It is offensive and infuriating to the more backward. And any serious revolutionary movement needs to travel (with enthusiasm) straight into those hostile winds — with a deep strategic sense that there are other forces who in class society who are not nearly so conservative.

The assumption of those who we’ve called “the social pacifists” was (and often still is) that violence is automatically self-isolating and alienating. And that “the masses of people” can’t possibly “relate” to violence, and will be “turned off.”

Political forces fixated on respectability assert their tactical orientations in the name of appealing to “the people” — but really they want a politics and a set of tactics that are acceptable to sections of the ruling establishment

It is, of course, possible to carry out militant tactics that do alienate people. And those tactics often have to do with getting bystanders and “innocent people” hurt. Provoking police attack on unprepared people is not generally a good idea. Attacking ambiguous symbols that many ordinary people identify with is also not a great idea (why burn a supermarket in an urban rebellion? Why target small grocery store owners?). Black Blocs sometimes are rather arrogantly indifferent to their surroundings, and like a great deal of anarchist politics is seen as an act of self-expression.

The “social pacifists” (then and now) are basically wrong when they argue that violence and militancy is inherently alienating. It reveals what their prejudices (and strategies) are, and who they are afraid of alienating. But among the oppressed this is just not automatically and universally the case.

“Lets stipulate that the Black Bloc doesn’t generally think its actions through in terms of their strategic consequences and that the elevation of trashing to a strategy in its own right is foolish. That said, we shouldn’t measure the effects of these actions simply in terms of how they are popularly received. Strikes can also be unpopular and “alienating.” Indeed many many people don’t approve of political demonstrations at all. The tactics we use are not just for passive consumption through the mass media, they are also about developing our capacities. One of the capacities any revolutionary movement needs to develop is a capacity to fight.”

a revolutionary movement that can’t appreciate mass acts of rebellion is not a revolutionary movement.

Militancy is (in fact) part of the preparation for revolution, and part of the hardening of forces that can lead or make a revolution.

Oakland Get Ready

The verdict in the murder trial of Johannes Mehserle, who killed Oscar Grant, is expected soon.

Oakland Police are expecting riots if Mehserle is not convicted... But what if Mehserle is convicted?! And Convicted of what? The jury must choose from 2nd degree murder, Voluntary Manslaughter or Involuntary Manslaughter. 1st degree has been taken off the table. These pig friendly courts won't serve justice. They can't.


Catherine Porter wrote a great article entitled When police stick to phony script that you would be smart to read. She illustrates what is called "The Miami Model" of social control:

1. Information warfare. This starts weeks before the event. Protesters are criminalized and dehumanized, and described as dangerous “anarchists” and “terrorists” the city needs to defend against.

2. Intimidation. Police start random searches of perceived protesters before any large rallies. They are asked where they are staying, why they are walking around. Police raid organizer’s homes or meeting places, “usually just before the summit, so there’s maximum chaos organizers have to deal with,” says Archer.

This is usually made possible by last-minute city regulations, curtailing the right to protest. In Miami, the city commission passed a temporary ordinance forbidding groups of more than seven to congregate for more than 30 minutes without a permit.

3. “They threw rocks.” That’s the line police use after tear-gassing or beating protesters most times, Archer says. Urine and human feces are variations on the theme. But it’s always the protesters who triggered the violence. A popular police tactic is called “kettling.” Officers on bike or horses herd protesters into an enclosed space, so they can’t leave without trying to break through the police line. Take the bait; you provoke a beating or arrest. And of course, there are the famous agent provocateurs, outted publicly two years ago in Montebello. Police officers dressed up like militant protesters to protect the peaceful crowd, they say; Archer says it’s to instigate trouble.

“It’s the same lies every single protest,” she says. “It’s justification by law enforcement for their violent actions. This is a propaganda war.”

4. Job well done. At the end, regardless of the bodies clogging the temporary holding cells and hospitals, the police always congratulate themselves. And by the time the cases go to court, the story is long forgotten and the circus has moved to a new unsuspecting town.

OPD is issuing statements to the media that already describe the 'bad guys' as anarchists and those who will seek to riot. Oakland has even set up a snitch phone line and used it to hype up an atmosphere of fear.

Graffitti threatening Mehserle and his family has been reportedly found.

OPD has already made their justification for violence against anyone who takes to the streets.

We Are Oscar Grant Twitter

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oakland Get Ready

Oakland is gearing up and getting ready for a verdict in the murder trial of Johannes Mehserle, the former BART police officer charged with killing Oscar Grant III.

The OPD have staged pretend riots to sharpen their skills on crowd control and vamping on people.

A telephone tip line has been activated for snitches wanting to provide authorities with information concerning potential problems that might occur in the city after the verdict is announced.
Police Department spokeswoman Officer Holly Joshi said the tip line is for snitches to call in tips, rumors and information related to preplanned, current or ongoing anarchist activities, protests or civil disobedience related to the verdict.

Surely the snitch line can be anonymously sabotaged or overrun with too much useless information.

"We understand that the community is grieving and we are in this together. We will not tolerate destruction or violence."

Just in time for this...
The Oakland City Council voted to lay off 80 police officers to help close the city’s $30.5 million budget gap. This happened after the OPD spam called Oakland residents suggesting Oakland would become a "warzone" if cops were laid off.

systemic disruption

Few people would consider silently walking around with signs criminal. People most likely wouldn't think of it as something that could tear apart the fabric of civil society. As a matter of fact, most Americans would think of such actions as mild, respectable, and part of the democratic process. Similarly, it seems humorous that during the American war for independence, Britain couldn't recognize the semi-informal, non-uniformed, resistance fighters or their tactics as legitimate warfare.

Of course civil discourse has co-opted what was once deplorable and unpatriotic actions. Tactics of war are largely decided acceptable by the powerful and the winners. While Americans look at the Colonial guerrillas as heroic, they fail to recognize such fighters and tactics (or newer tactics) in contemporary theaters of war.

So-called "non-violent protest" is dead as a means of changing society. It's easily ignored/overlooked in a media saturated environment and the methods of controlling and marginalizing it have become widely practiced/tolerated.

Global Guerrilla addresses approaches to systemic disruption as a tool. GG (probably unknowingly) suggests the SHAC model: "if you can successfully deter/coerce individual decision makers in this decision making group, you will win (and quickly)." Of course, this model is effective and has been targeted as criminal by the powers-that-be.

War On The Internet

Link Roundup

- LAPD wants to break LA's boycott of Arizona. LAPD always pick the right side of things.

- Forming a Local Preparedness Mutual Assistance Group. Good stuff!

- US military's "pain ray"! It is speculated that the pain ray makes the recipient feel like they're burning alive.

- States' powers continue to erode as organized crime is officially a "super power"

- Anarchists attack Portland Business Alliance: "In retaliation to the recent passage of the second sit-lie ordinance, as well as the continued police violence carried-out against marginalized communities here in Portland"

- It is so fashionable for female celebrities to declare their bisexuality. Where are the bisexual male celebs?!

- TLC (owned by NBC) is seeking to be THE rightwing American entertainment channel.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am as far from a patriot as one can get. So I always feel a little odd cheering for the USA in soccer. However, cheer them I do. It has nothing to do with the red, white, and blue but with the great players I know and support. Today, I was bummed by Ghana eliminating the US in the second round of World Cup 2010.

Before the tournament began, I assumed the US would make it out of their group but probably advance no further. If that is exactly what happened, why should I even be surprised? Well, mainly because the US topped their group beating out England. The US also makes for very dramatic games as they don't seem to know how to turn it on until they are behind and/or late in the game.

As the USMNT players wept on the pitch after playing 120+ minutes of football, I realized this is a turning point for US soccer. I am not talking in terms of popularity which people seem to fixate on. (By the way, the USA is huge and we have enough soccer supporters that it is irrelevant if it gets bigger than baseball.) Many of these players that have elevated the US game to an unprecedented level are at their peak and their time as the driving force of the team is essentially over. However, I look at the up-and-comers and I stay excited. Jozy Altidore is the face of the future of US soccer. Herculez Gomez and Stuart Holden will get better. With the USMNT on the rise, kids like Giuseppe Rossi won't opt to play for the old nations who have dominated in the past.

What gets me really excited is watching all the players who impressed me in this World Cup with their clubs. I much prefer club football anyway.

Landon Donovan - LA Galaxy
Clint Dempsey -
Robbie Findley -
Real Salt Lake
Michael Bradley -
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Benny Feilhaber -
Maurice Edu -
Jonathan Bornstein -
Chivas USA
Steve Cherundolo -
Hannover 96

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brian Blessed Is Not Odin

Brian Blessed was originally cast as the allfather Odin in the upcoming film. Below is video proof that he should have remained Odin.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet!? Wow, if you totally removed Seth Rogen, the silly White guy, it might look cool.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Beautiful Game?

What's next for The Gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf region has been destroyed. What options does the future hold for people of the region? Look to Nigeria where environmental devastation caused by the oil industry dwarfs the Gulf region.

With no other recourse, the people of the Niger Delta have taken up arms. They have brought the government to the table but it is clear that the government doesn't answer to the people.

Good Bye Reel Video

Reel Video looks to be closing its doors very soon.

The food and popcorn is all gone. Soon, it seems, the only decent place to rent dvd's in the East Bay will be gone too. If you live in the East Bay you probably already know how awesome Reel is. I recently ventured into a Blockbuster after 10 or so years of renting exclusively from Reel. I had no idea stores like Blockbuster were that dire. They had only a few copies of 'blockbuster' Hollywood films organized in a haphazard manner and then tons of video games. I suppose those of us interested in hard-to-find films, BBC television, or documentaries have already largely moved on to the likes of Netflix.

Reel has been owned by Hollywood Video since 1998 and was the only Hollywood store in the district to make money last year. Now Hollywood has filed for bankcrupcy and will likely be shutting down Reel.

Stephen Hawking on religion

"There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works."

Link Roundup

- NSM Nazis have set up shop in Riverside, CA. Anti-Racist Action and Brown Berets confronted them at the residential home of the nazi "commander." Apparently the nazis flashed firearms and threatened ARA and Brown Berets.

- ZOG NY Sen. Chuck Schumer explained how he thinks Israel should treat Palestinians: "strangle them economically until they see".

- Group attacks border fence in protest of border patrol shooting

- Mother Jones has an in depth article on the rightwing forces of The Oath Keepers.

- “Jihad, Crips, extreme animal-rights activists, it’s all the same: people trying damage the system,” -Charles McKenna, head of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

- Oakland budget cuts might mean less police!

- Christian fundamentalist and the world's #1 mercenary, Erik Prince, may be selling his private army and relocating to United Arab Emirates so as to be untouchable by US law.

- McDonald’s corporation, Operations Chief Don Thompson has announced he is an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist and "at McDonald’s, there are core values we stand for"

- Despite what the folks who want to profit off of the militarization of the US/Mexico border say, violence is down in the region

- check out The Calm Before The Storm- An Anarchist Perspective On Challenging The Violence of SB 1070

- Ike's Place looks like it is going to get evicted. I don't understand why that place and its supporters think a sandwich shop has more rights to be in a neighborhood than the people that already lived there!

- Was the murder of Tupac Shakur another offing of a potential "Black messiah"? Author John Potash claims Death Row Records was a front company that was filled with police officers working to stifle. Well... we do know that Suge wanted his security to also be police officers.

Anarchy, Disability, Purity, and Doubt

In recent times it has become increasingly the case for people to think I am some free market, Ayn Rand, Libertarian when they discover I am an anarchist. It is strange the type of supposed solidarity I get from rightwingers who find out I am "anti-government." This begs illustrating the distinction between my socialist libertarianism and their perception of "less government."

It is sometimes difficult to articulate why I believe some government programs should be created, continued, or enlarged as a libertarian. It is key in the distinction between social libertarianism (anarchy) and objective libertarianism (capitalism) because they don't want government to serve people but are fine with government serving as a conduit between capital and industry. See, I would be fine with everyone not trusting the government but it only translates into a positive thing if people actually trust each other! The increase in US anti-government rhetoric, however, is happening along with a decrease in empathy for one another.

All this brings me to an article on BroadSnark, Anarchy, Disability, Purity, and Doubt.

We ultimately desire a non-hierarchical stateless society but until we get there, some of the most vulnerable members of society need help. Does it serve our long term goal to insist on some sense of anarchist purity? I would love to think that we have the means and desire to establish non-hierarchical models of support but we don't. Maybe part of that is because the dominant forces of this fucked up society are busy convincing everyone that such services aren't meant to be supplied by the government or community.

I know that the system can never be the solution to a problem it helped to create. But I also know that I cannot snap my fingers and have magically appear an all voluntary non-coercive method of dealing with the problems of real people. In the time between now and then, real people have real needs that need to be met. Too often, we anarchists get so caught up in philosophical discussions that we forget that.

Rather than having litmus tests for authenticity or trying to pretend that we are all ideologically consistent, we should admit that it is impossible and give each other room to breathe. By allowing for the ambiguity, I suspect we will find ourselves better able to reach out to people who find our beliefs somewhat alien. And I suspect that we might find ourselves better able to come up with creative strategies for getting from here to there.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heavy Hearts & Oily Birds

I try not to blog too much based on emotion. If you know me or read this blog, you probably also know that I am pretty harsh on animal rights/liberation as movements. However, every time I see the water birds of the Gulf of Mexico covered in oil, it breaks my heart and I start humming "Firestorm". The topic is even difficult for me to verbally talk about because I get so broken up over it. Maybe it has something to do with our inability to even offer an explanation to the animals that live in the Gulf. I wish so badly that I/we could help those cute helpless birds and all the other life that we don't see on television.

It turns out that the cleaning of the birds may not be useful and simply a PR move by BP. It is all part of the overriding notion that we, humans, can fix anything. We ignore consequences of life and death because we just tend to figure that we can fix it after the fact. We need to treat ourselves like bad children. If we can't learn to take care of it, we shouldn't be allowed to have it. If we can't use our planet's resources in a respectful and sustaining manner (which is nothing even close to how we use them now), then we deserve damnation. That doesn't mean boycotting BP and pretending that riding a bike or using a paper bag divorces you from the cycle of death. We are all responsible but not like the profiteers of death that hooked the system on petrol. We are all guilty of not fighting that system with all of our might.

So when I look into the oil covered eyes of birds scooped out of their habitat by humans in hazmat suits, it honestly brings a tear to my eyes. They, this system, have killed The Gulf. Killed it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Still Loves Anarchists

In case you forgot, Glenn Beck is back to remind you that he is either crazy or has absolutely no idea about politics.

Now Beck claims The Democrats are divided into two camps:
Marxist true believers (who he identifies as "black flag" anarchists) & Marxists (who purportedly believe in "total government")

Beck believes that President Obama selected Joe Biden as his vice president in order to keep the supposedly more radical Andy Stern in check and to keep labor unions under control. He claims that President Clinton was simultaneously supporting and attacking unions through his support of Sen. Blanche Lincoln and opposition to Lt. Governor Bill Halter (who has more support from organized labor). So... uh, does Beck sympathize with unions?!

The best is when President Obama said he wanted to "know whose ass to kick," Beck explained that this was a coded message to Bill Ayers.

At least, through all this, Beck is still hyping up and selling copies of
The Call from The Invisible Committee

Link Roundup

- Katy Perry is upset that Lady Gaga doesn't love and respect religion.

- The business behind search engine results is huge. BP is now controlling what we find when we search about them and their oil spill.

- The Phoenix Class War Council again provide us with some much recommended reading: Free Movement, Reaction and the Fascist State: Critical Questions for the Patriot Movement

- A reminder that we are NOT brands.

- They craft the laws that craft our debt. Then they send us to debtor's prison!

- I like Keys because I hate Nicki Minaj. I have said it before and I will say it again, Nicki Minaj is maybe the worst thing to happen to female MC's. Minaj is a self-hating marketing gimmick.

Keys' mixtape

Co-opting Anarchy

Мишка is busy co-opting everything. Now everyone can sport rebellious anarchy symbols for only $45.00 (complete with "equality" and "nihilism" buttoms!).

Is Мишка seriously trying to “sell” Anarchy? I guess so? But so? No one else reveling in the post-modern absurdity that comes along with that concept? You know, kind of like the absurdity that actual modern-day Anarchists (or those who claim to be) have let the whole concept become.
Remember folks, don’t get mad at us… Kill Yr. Idols.

As the Мишка coffers are fattened, they did provide links to read about anarchy.

We Are Everywhere

Come August, we will prove it (again).


These are appropriate for Anarchists without Adjectives and will work well in combination with any of the others. The use of any other slogans should be supplemented with these for best use of consistency:
{ The Circle A }

These Insurrectionist slogans are sure to be attractively confusing:

The Anarchist People of Color who aren’t surprised that you assumed they weren’t involved in planning this campaign suggested:

Efficient use of these slogans are sure to aid the Anarcho-Syndicalist platform:

If we would stop for a minute and listen for a change, the Anarcha-Feminist might recommend:

Anarchist Queers can pack these with their strap-ons and glitter-bombs:

And lastly, if someone could tell the Anti-Civ folks about these slogans, that’d be great!

Burning Love

are a great band I encourage you to get into.

another East Bay Vegan Bakesale


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Tide Is Turning

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

thank you Mavi Marmara

Rock The Bells 2010

I hate fests and I dislike reunions but damn!

I seriously doubt I will fork out the money and full day to attend this Rock The Bells (I haven't seriously wanted to go since it was held on a closed off SF street with Nas), but they sure do know how to stack a bill. I don't really give a fuck about Snoop and Doggystyle but... ATCQ doing a set of one of the most classic hip hop albums ever! Rakim the God doing Paid In Full! KRS-ONE! Slick Rick! Premo! Oh, and Wu Tang... or however many of them will show up with a fake ODB. Lauren Hill! Lauren Hill? (BTW- She went insane and insists on being billed as and called "Ms. Lauren Hill.) Then the bill sorta devolves way too into blogger/backpack hop for my tastes.

Retro is the new black.

As much as this is "my era" of hip hop, I get the distinct feeling it has been put together for the young blood internet hip hoppers who never had a chance to see these legends live. Come to think of it, I seen all the acts I listed the first time around (with the exception of Snoop who I don't care much about and MC Ricky D who was incarcerated all those years). I can't bring myself to stand in the miserable sun all day to relive something I already lived through. Still, an amazing bill!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gaga Is Back

After the atrocity that was the 'Telephone' music video, Lady Gaga has released something visually amazing again.

But uh is it possible for platinum blonde female mega pop stars to have videos that don't blatantly look like something Madonna did 20 years ago?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Defend Helen Thomas Against Zionism

On May 27th, 2010, Zionist David Nesenoff asked reporter Helen Thomas for comments on Israel. Thomas responded, "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine... Remember, these people are occupied, and it's their land."

Thomas was accused of racism and essentially driven into retirement. For what? Stating the truth that Palestine is under genocidal occupation or suggesting that the occupiers leave?

Pretend someone asked a newswire reporter in the 1800's for comments about The Indian Wars. Now Pretend that reporter replied that the Whites ought to leave North America because they are occupying a peoples' land. Is that too outrageous?

Helen Thomas was baited by Nesenoff because he had issues with her not towing the Zionist line. Nesenoff also happens to work closely with Fox News. Of course, Fox News helped hype up Thomas's statement. Now Fox News is fighting to get her seat. (Even if they fail, the other likely successor is rightwing news Bloomberg.)

It was a total set up. Helen Thomas is being demonized simply for calling Israel what it is: occupation.

I don't know how realistically she means for all Israelis to leave Palestine. I don't think anyone expects that to happen. Thomas was brave enough to point out, however, that these Israelis are Germans, Polish, and Americans. They have no historical ties to Palestine; only claims written in a book not about them that is pure science fiction. (That is less claim than the likes of the Sioux have on parts of North America!)

Have we even seen the full unedited video?

Why are rightwing news reporters not held to the same harsh standard?


The Pixies and Gorillaz ain't gonna play Israel.
(Tell Placebo and Diana Krall to boycott Israeli apartheid too!)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Teargas Rock

The (Young) Pioneers occupy a warm place in my heart for their lumpen proletariat jams and their love songs set amidst the alienation of capital. Well, late news from the front- Comrades Stakolee and Marty Violence joined forces after (Young) Pioneers as Teargas Rock. Teargas Rock, has sought to further actively involve white mother country radicals in the escalating resistance to overdeveloped neo-liberal capitalism for years now.
They liken their sound to "Springsteen w/sore throat spouting Marxist rhetoric through bullhorn over garage band." I can dig that.

The only information found is THIS active MySpace page.

Red And Black and No Blue

A uniformed cop walks into The Red and Black Cafe. The cafe owner asks him to leave as he may be making customers uncomfortable.
That pretty much rules. We must value cop free spaces.

Of course, the rightwingers are going nuts over this.

I find it especially interesting that the woman who helped 'break' this 'story' had an initial reaction of panic when she saw the cop!

Are Cameras The New Guns?

From Wendy McElroy & Gawker:

In response to a flood of Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, a new trend in law enforcement is gaining popularity. In at least three states, it is now illegal to record any on-duty police officer.

Even if the encounter involves you and may be necessary to your defense, and even if the recording is on a public street where no expectation of privacy exists.

The legal justification for arresting the "shooter" rests on existing wiretapping or eavesdropping laws, with statutes against obstructing law enforcement sometimes cited. Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are among the 12 states in which all parties must consent for a recording to be legal unless, as with TV news crews, it is obvious to all that recording is underway. Since the police do not consent, the camera-wielder can be arrested. Most all-party-consent states also include an exception for recording in public places where "no expectation of privacy exists" (Illinois does not) but in practice this exception is not being recognized.

Photography Is Not A Crime


Link Roundup

Zionist Lies.

Israel is straight up lying about attacking the ships attempting to bring aid to Gaza. Surprised? No.

Netanyahu appeared on Israeli television on Wednesday to defend Zionist piracy. He claimed those on the aid ship “chanted battle cries against the Jews” and Israel's unprovoked attack international waters was "self defense."
Same ol' same ol'. Israel always claims itself representative for all Jews and and all of its aggression as self defense.

Of course it is all verifiable lies. Israel has now admitted that it doctored the footage from its exchanges with the flotilla in order to paint the flotilla passengers as anti-Jew. (Will this get as much coverage as the initial false claim? I doubt it.)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Israeli Piracy

Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara in international waters and if you don't know that story, please get caught up.

Part of the danger of Zionism is its expansion. Israel never defines its borders. The goal of Zionism and the success of Israel is to occupy/settle more and more land. These attacks on ships outside of Israel's naval borders show that Israel has no respect for the sovereignty of others.

The USA defends Israel's piracy and continues to fund it. Hopefully, the visibility of these atrocities will shed light on how it is not in the US's interests to defend and support Israel. In a time of such economic hardship, we must END US AID TO ISRAEL!

As far as the genocidal blockade on Gaza, the failed aid deliveries have essentially broken the blockade. Egypt lifted the end of the blockade in light of the attack.

faces and names of those killed in the raid

Friday, June 04, 2010

More Bad Marvel Casting/Costumes?

Neal McDonough is in talks to play Howling Mad Commando and Captain America's right hand man, Dum Dum Dugan

Jeremy Renner looks to be playing Hawkeye in The Avengers

However, I keep hearing that, like Nick Fury, the film's Hawkeye will more resemble the lame Ultimate version:

I don't have issues with either casting. I can't imagine that Dum Dum Dugan will be anything like the comics and I don't care because the comic version is silly. I actually like Renner as Hawkeye but would really prefer the regular Hawkeye costume to the Ultimate regular-guy-with-weapons version

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Purported images of the film version of Thor are all over the internet as of today. I must say, I am not happy with the look.

From the waist down just ruins it. He looks like some silly biker. Plus, if these are real, it doesn't bode well that he is not wearing his winged helmet.
How difficult would it have been to just copy the current Thor costume from the books?!?!

And I know they wanted to stay away from realistic Viking looks but taking a page from Beowulf & Grendel starring Gerard Butler could have been nice.

BP Hates Animals

The Gulf coast is destroyed. A lot of people will be hit hard by BP's disaster and you can bet they aren't the ones who make any money off of oil. That said...

It really just turns my stomach and breaks my heart to think of AND SEE what BP and humanity's worship of oil and production has done to the non-human animals in the region! No one can explain to the blinded water fowl who is drowning in poison why this is happening.

I wish I believed in some mighty god or some sense of true justice that would wield a fierce sword against these bastard captains of industry and capital. :(