Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Bye Reel Video

Reel Video looks to be closing its doors very soon.

The food and popcorn is all gone. Soon, it seems, the only decent place to rent dvd's in the East Bay will be gone too. If you live in the East Bay you probably already know how awesome Reel is. I recently ventured into a Blockbuster after 10 or so years of renting exclusively from Reel. I had no idea stores like Blockbuster were that dire. They had only a few copies of 'blockbuster' Hollywood films organized in a haphazard manner and then tons of video games. I suppose those of us interested in hard-to-find films, BBC television, or documentaries have already largely moved on to the likes of Netflix.

Reel has been owned by Hollywood Video since 1998 and was the only Hollywood store in the district to make money last year. Now Hollywood has filed for bankcrupcy and will likely be shutting down Reel.


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