Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010

I hate fests and I dislike reunions but damn!

I seriously doubt I will fork out the money and full day to attend this Rock The Bells (I haven't seriously wanted to go since it was held on a closed off SF street with Nas), but they sure do know how to stack a bill. I don't really give a fuck about Snoop and Doggystyle but... ATCQ doing a set of one of the most classic hip hop albums ever! Rakim the God doing Paid In Full! KRS-ONE! Slick Rick! Premo! Oh, and Wu Tang... or however many of them will show up with a fake ODB. Lauren Hill! Lauren Hill? (BTW- She went insane and insists on being billed as and called "Ms. Lauren Hill.) Then the bill sorta devolves way too into blogger/backpack hop for my tastes.

Retro is the new black.

As much as this is "my era" of hip hop, I get the distinct feeling it has been put together for the young blood internet hip hoppers who never had a chance to see these legends live. Come to think of it, I seen all the acts I listed the first time around (with the exception of Snoop who I don't care much about and MC Ricky D who was incarcerated all those years). I can't bring myself to stand in the miserable sun all day to relive something I already lived through. Still, an amazing bill!


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