Sunday, June 27, 2010

Link Roundup

- LAPD wants to break LA's boycott of Arizona. LAPD always pick the right side of things.

- Forming a Local Preparedness Mutual Assistance Group. Good stuff!

- US military's "pain ray"! It is speculated that the pain ray makes the recipient feel like they're burning alive.

- States' powers continue to erode as organized crime is officially a "super power"

- Anarchists attack Portland Business Alliance: "In retaliation to the recent passage of the second sit-lie ordinance, as well as the continued police violence carried-out against marginalized communities here in Portland"

- It is so fashionable for female celebrities to declare their bisexuality. Where are the bisexual male celebs?!

- TLC (owned by NBC) is seeking to be THE rightwing American entertainment channel.


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