Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Still Loves Anarchists

In case you forgot, Glenn Beck is back to remind you that he is either crazy or has absolutely no idea about politics.

Now Beck claims The Democrats are divided into two camps:
Marxist true believers (who he identifies as "black flag" anarchists) & Marxists (who purportedly believe in "total government")

Beck believes that President Obama selected Joe Biden as his vice president in order to keep the supposedly more radical Andy Stern in check and to keep labor unions under control. He claims that President Clinton was simultaneously supporting and attacking unions through his support of Sen. Blanche Lincoln and opposition to Lt. Governor Bill Halter (who has more support from organized labor). So... uh, does Beck sympathize with unions?!

The best is when President Obama said he wanted to "know whose ass to kick," Beck explained that this was a coded message to Bill Ayers.

At least, through all this, Beck is still hyping up and selling copies of
The Call from The Invisible Committee


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