Saturday, June 19, 2010

Link Roundup

- NSM Nazis have set up shop in Riverside, CA. Anti-Racist Action and Brown Berets confronted them at the residential home of the nazi "commander." Apparently the nazis flashed firearms and threatened ARA and Brown Berets.

- ZOG NY Sen. Chuck Schumer explained how he thinks Israel should treat Palestinians: "strangle them economically until they see".

- Group attacks border fence in protest of border patrol shooting

- Mother Jones has an in depth article on the rightwing forces of The Oath Keepers.

- “Jihad, Crips, extreme animal-rights activists, it’s all the same: people trying damage the system,” -Charles McKenna, head of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

- Oakland budget cuts might mean less police!

- Christian fundamentalist and the world's #1 mercenary, Erik Prince, may be selling his private army and relocating to United Arab Emirates so as to be untouchable by US law.

- McDonald’s corporation, Operations Chief Don Thompson has announced he is an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist and "at McDonald’s, there are core values we stand for"

- Despite what the folks who want to profit off of the militarization of the US/Mexico border say, violence is down in the region

- check out The Calm Before The Storm- An Anarchist Perspective On Challenging The Violence of SB 1070

- Ike's Place looks like it is going to get evicted. I don't understand why that place and its supporters think a sandwich shop has more rights to be in a neighborhood than the people that already lived there!

- Was the murder of Tupac Shakur another offing of a potential "Black messiah"? Author John Potash claims Death Row Records was a front company that was filled with police officers working to stifle. Well... we do know that Suge wanted his security to also be police officers.


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