Monday, February 21, 2011

nails in the coffin

Entries on Dead Time Pacifies have decreased steadily. I address why HERE and then HERE. The obligation I feel to keep up my posts are tempered with the functionality of reaching the most/best audience.

New York Times just published an article detailing most of the reasons I have abandoned this blog and the "marketing" it would take to drive traffic here in favor of social media where I can easily reach a more personal audience.

discouraged by how few people bothered to visit, he instead started posting his clips on Facebook, where his friends were sure to see

Among 18-to-33-year-olds, the project said in a report last year, blogging dropped two percentage points in 2010 from two years earlier.

Former bloggers said they were too busy to write lengthy posts and were uninspired by a lack of readers. Others said they had no interest in creating a blog because social networking did a good enough job

Still, blogs remain a home of more meaty discussions

anyone who is taking blogging seriously — they’re using several mediums to get a large amount of their traffic.”

I am toying with the idea of re-inventing Dead Time Pacifies on Tumblr.


Anonymous Nick said...

I continue to be a big fan of this blog. A tumblr sounds like a great idea.

7:47 PM  
Blogger shane said...

Nick- Thank you for your appreciation of the blog! I don't know you but I had your comments in mind when posting this entry.

11:49 AM  

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