Sunday, November 08, 2009

Movies I Won't Be Seeing

The Killer In Me
Starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba

The trailer alone shows a brutal rape that, in typical bizarro style, ends with the woman giving in and enjoying the rape. The message is that rape is ok because the woman must really want it.
Affleck's character engages in BDSM and it is presented as a natural extension of his murderous ways. The message here is that BDSM is not about consent but actual power and subjegation for deviants.

Starring Danny Dyer, who is glad just to get a film role

This film seems to blatantly glamorizes misogyny.
All women are MAN-eating/hating zombies and must be brutally killed.

With that being said, I will note that the film's writer had this to say:
The real genesis for Doghouse was because I'd been getting a lot of hassle for writing female lead characters all the time especially from my Hollywood contacts. They kept saying to me ‘we don't want to sell these female leads, write something with a male lead' and I kept telling them ‘I don't want to do that' because I like strong women. But while I was sitting there with my girlfriend, who was ill at the time with a stomach bug; she looked like a zombie! She basically dared me to try and write something with guys so I said I could only do it if I really ripped the piss out of them and did it as a satire. So I was sitting there thinking ‘You look kind of freaky, you'd make a good villain.' She suggested: ‘Why don't you do a girls vs guys kind of thing?'

If your audience misses the irony or takes this film at face value as a celebration of laddism, then what they're going to see is the opposite of what it's really about, so yes it was a concern.

hhmmmm... OK, maybe I would see Doghouse.


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Okay, so what youre sayin is that Avatar is still on your list of movies that you are GOING to see right? Have you seen that new trailer and that mech suit battle? Sci movies and Mech Suit battles. Did Battlestar have mechs in them? I am starting to watch this series and stumbled about a video at rottentomatoes with Sr. Olmos and he talks about the series and the movies that wrap up the series. Becareful because there are some spoilers.

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