Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Disney Is Confused (or just racist)

Someone ought to explain to Disney that Persia is a real place not a fantastical land of make believe. I promise. I can even show it to you on the map and despite what Disney's guess might be, it is not populated by White Europeans.

Sorry Swedish Jew, Jake Gyllenhaal, no matter how muscular and/or swarthy you get, you are not Persian.

Not Persian

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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Anonymous dp said...

Prince of Persia (PoP) is a weak video game franchise and will be an epic failure, kinda like Mario Brothers (ยด93) the movie, remember that one?? (Street Fighter (94), Fatal Fury (94), Mortal Kombat (95), Double Dragon (94), and Resident Evil (02) and my all time personal favorite shitstorm of a VG to Movie HITMAN (07) to name a few)

The first of 4 or 5 videogame releases of PoP had a generic storyline of prince needs to rescue princess from evil sorcerer that wants to control the Sands of Time yada yada yada. It basically follows everything that Aladdin except Genie.

The only significant aspect of the PoP franchise, and in my opinion what made this game so popular, was the gameplay mechanics and the large atmospheres in the game.

So I am just as bothered as you are when Disney comes along scoops up a perfectly unique game (especially the one on Xbox360), adds Jake G., calls him persian, and ruins it for videogame fans.

Now that Disney owns Marvel and videogames or comics to movies are on the up and up, I expect nothing short of well scripted moron shit.

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