Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The United Nations General Assembly is debating a UN-sponsored report which says Israel committed war crimes during its military assault on the Gaza Strip.

Not surprising, the US House of Representatives has rejected the report as "irredeemably biased."

The report accused Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group, which has de facto control of Gaza, of war crimes during the 22-day conflict in December and January.
1,400 Palestinians - many of them women and children - were killed.
13 Israelis, including three civilians, were also killed, Israel has said.

The report called for the cases to be referred to the ICC in The Hague if Israel and Hamas do not investigate the war crimes allegations against them within six months.
Hamas has agreed to hold such an investigation, but Israel has not.

These attacks amounted to reprisals and collective punishment, and constitute war crimes.

I saw the destruction of the only flour-producing factory in Gaza. I saw fields plowed up by Israeli tank bulldozers. I saw chicken farms, for egg production, completely destroyed. Tens of thousands of chickens killed.

if they attack a mosque or attack a factory, and over 200 factories were bombed, there's just no basis to ascribe that to error. That must be intentional.

the bulldozing of agricultural fields... the only flour-producing factory, the water supply facilities of Gaza, the sanitation facilities, which caused an overflow of filth and muck into well over a square kilometer of land.

I don't accept that the destruction of the food infrastructure is necessary to fight terrorism from Gaza.

we've found that the only logical reason is collective punishment against the people of Gaza for voting into power Hamas

I think they were telling the people of Gaza that if you support Hamas, this is what we're going to do to you.


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