Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Clone Wars

If in 1998, George Lucas announced a Clone Wars cartoon instead of ever making Episodes 1-3, I would have been almost equally hyped.
Do you think George Lucas watches the finished episodes of the current Clone Wars TV series? If so, do you think he realizes how superior it is to practically any combination of Episodes 1-3?

Clone Wars episode Landing At Point Rain turned it all up a notch.
The episode shows how after Episode 2, Geonosis didn't remain in the pockets of The Republic. The retaking of the planet by Republican troops plays out like a WW2 epic (of which I understand Lucas is a fan). For an animated Star Wars television show, I was a little surprised how brutal it was. We have seen death on the show before but in this episode of war, we see Republican troops kill countless Geonosians. They get slashed in half by lightsabers, shot by clone troopers, and burnt alive with flamethrowers. Are we to not think of Geonosians as equal beings because they are insect-like? Even the Clone Troopers constantly refer to them as "bugs" (and the Jedi's raise no objection).
The episode is even bookended with Anakin and Ahsoka comparing how many people they killed.

Every week I am impressed with this show.

I want an action figure or maquette of every type of Trooper.


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