Wednesday, November 04, 2009

PETA <3's Glenn Beck

I despise fascist leader Glenn Beck and I have almost nothing but contempt for PETA.
It comes as no surprise to me that PETA is allowing Beck to use them to exploit Al Gore. I can't call it a team up because it is on Beck's show, he is the shot caller, and PETA will do anything at all for publicity. (I should also note that I hate Al Gore too.)

Of course, Beck can't even get this right! He commends PETA and NRA as consistent. Neither of them are at all.
PETA preaches animal rights and pumps tons of money into promoting more efficient ways to kill animals for meat. The NRA preaches gun rights and spends most of its energy on diverting blame from gun owners onto anyone else they can (primarily Liberals and people of color). (I will also note that I have, at different times, been a member of both organizations.)

Watching Beck's snide facial expressions as he is listening to Newkirk makes me wanna punch him.
I also love how he acts like it is somewhow superior to do nothing at all and not care than it is to do something albeit halfway.
Nice touch adding a hint of racism with the Indiana Jones clip.


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