Thursday, November 05, 2009

RightWing Anti-Civ

I can't remember how but I stumbled upon a rightwing blog dedicated to the so-called "Threepers" or "Three Percenters" or "Oath Keepers" who are military or ex-military men preparing to lead a vanguardist pseudo-focoist insurgency against the US government (more-or-less).

The post that caught my interest was about post-civilization collapse and survival.

He starts by suggesting "the "survivalist community" is vastly underestimating the impact that other humans are going to have on their plans."
I would say that anti-civ anarchists underestimate a collapse to the point of romanticized naivete.

In a total collapse scenario without immediate restoration of the economy, basically everyone who lives in a city is doomed unless they can take over some kind of farm land.

In the USA, every one of them (or at least the vast majority) will be armed with firearms. The ones currently without firearms will obtain them by any means necessary including looting government armories.
I think this is important to highlight because if shit goes down anarchists and radicals are light years behind the right on arms and training. We need to make ground in this area.

Anyone who plans to hold out against that kind of threat is delusional.
In other words, we are not going to be able to act in an isolationist fashion and just ignore those forces wishing to take advantage or enforce "law."

Then this author takes an interesting turn.
Without central authority, people don't just starve and go away. They form their own polities

A much better approach is to be an integral part of the community and use the combined resources of the community to defend all of your resources together. This would be much easier if a high percentage of the community were like minded folks who were committed to sharing and cooperating.

It sounds like what he is actually advocating is anti-authoritarian socialism!

The section entitled "Finding a Mineshaft or a Gemeinschaft" is interesting. In it, he discusses the importance of community and how it is nearly impossible in metropolitan areas.
He even discusses the importance of keeping a defensive community without resorting to xenophobia.

It devolves into pure hilarity as the author has to go into great detail to convince his readers that charity is ok... because the Bible says so! ha ha

I also recommend reading the comments. Some of them are very insightful while others are pure comedy.

I post all this not so much to poke fun at this borderline fascist. I don't post this to be cruel to anti-civ anarchists. I post this because if we radicals remain in our intellectual ghettos, we miss the big picture. We can learn from this.


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