Saturday, November 07, 2009

How Not To Report On Soccer

Recently, ESPN's hackjob coverage of some brutal fouls not called by the ref in a match between BYU and New Mexico' s womens teams has made its viral way around the internet.

First of all that ESPN reporter obviously doesn't know enough about soccer to know that maybe half of the moves by Lambert are not atypical of the beautiful game. Of course, he could also just be shocked to see women acting aggressive. So, instead of ESPN reporting on the sport or the game, it is turned into some voyeuristic "cat fight" crap. Then, Julie Foudy is brought on, for only a second, to validate the sexist perspective of the segment.

Actions have been taken against the players involved AFTER THE FACT! As anyone with any interest in soccer knows from the recent Eduardo incident, retroactive punishment if practically unheard of.

Fuck you ESPN!
Report on soccer.

contact ESPN here

Jennifer Doyle of From A Left Wing has a great breakdown of the report as well.


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