Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Office: Hawaiian Shirt Day

Earlier this week it was announced that our monthly first Friday afternoon party would have a theme: Hawaiian shirts. My very first thought was “I don’t own a Hawaiian shirt!” followed quickly by “Who the hell owns a Hawaiian shirt?!” I immediately dreaded the coming Friday at work.

Let me explain a little. I am the office manager and I am expected not only to take part in displays of team spirit. I am expected to lead them. It is already painful enough that at the end of my day on a fuckin Friday, I have to set up beer and chips for an office of over 50 people. Then when I should be wrapping up my day and heading home, I, instead, am mingling and talking and playing silly games… and cleaning up after everyone.

So, Hawaiian shirt Friday is here. As my way of participating while not participating, I took an old t-shirt and wrote “ALOHA!” across the front in black marker. I decided not to don the shirt until party time. For the bulk of today, I will remain in my sharp professional gear. I don’t like this idea of office casual. Their concept of casual and my concept of casual are worlds apart in dress and attitude.
Of course, this leaves me being harassed by everyone that walks by for not joining in the “fun” of wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I wonder how many people went out and bought a Hawaiian shirt this week just for kicks. I can think of trillions of ways to better spend my money.


Anonymous Wave Shoppe said...

Having worked in a professional office in my prior life, wearing a Hawaiian shirt on Aloha Friday isn’t as bad as wearing something like a polo shirt. Cheer up bro.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Neel Palrecha said...

i agree, I HATE themed casual days.

11:05 PM  
Blogger xDustinx said...

Do you work at Trader Joe's?

7:38 PM  

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