Thursday, April 02, 2009

Death In London

A 30 year old reported anarchist was killed by police yesterday in London.

I excitedly reported about the attacks on banks in London coordinated with the G-20 Summit. I don't think it is wrong to feel encouraged or hopeful at public displays of resistance such as the bank attacks. These battles need to become part of the accepted lexicon of struggle. We all also must take lessons from such events.

The police were SUPER SUPER organized and were able to relatively easily separate protestors into sections and part the walkway entrance to the Royal Bank of Scotland like Moses to the fuckin Red Sea.
People were then held in these police "kettles" for 7 hours with no food, water, or toilet facilities. It was this that resulted in the man's death.

He should not be forgotten and this should not be forgiven.

Beware of pig and corporate media disinformation.


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