Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ben Edge On Music 13

Mr. Ben Edge has been visiting the Bay Area a lot lately it seems. I wish I could distill all of our conversations about metal and hip hop and screamo crunk into a blog. Well, here is a little bit of Ben Edge on music:

Accept - "Balls To The Walls":
The singer of Accept and Rob Halford were the only openly gay guys in heavy metal at the time. They were also the only heavy metal guys with short hair. Is this a coincidence?
One of the gayest album covers ever.

Let me revise that: Udo, the singer for Accept, doesn't appear to be openly gay. Everyone in the world just suspects he is.

Slash's Snakepit - "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" / Izzy Stradlin - "On Down The Road":
Fuck, I'm barely interested enough in GNR to give Use Your Illusion I and II another chance. I am not even close to contemplating listening to solo shit by former members. Slash's Snake Pit? No thanks. Can't do it. You know that the first Snake Pit album sold a million copies? That's mind blowing.

Raid - "Hands Off The Animals":
bad vegan metal played through Crate amps.

Leeway - "Desperate Measures":
It's like Van Halen, but not like SSD trying to do Van Halen and sucking.

Kevin Dubrow - "In For The Kill":
He died of a cocaine overdose. Ouch.

There is a scene from a film called Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, where a member of Redd Kross is playing a record exec, and he's talking to someone on the phone, and he says he's going to get the Beatles back together, and Kevin Dubrow will take John Lennon's place. I turned to my friend and asked, "Who's Kevin Dubrow?" When he said, "The singer of Quiet Riot," I laughed harder than anyone else in the theater.

Rainbow - "Down to Earth":
I like how there's this huge crossover between things macho metal dudes like and things four year old girls like (e.g., rainbows, unicorns). It just shows that the macho-girly spectrum is in fact circular, not linear.

Earth Crisis - "To The Death":
Might be the worst album ever. They keep raising the bar!


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