Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Fuck The Police" or "Cop Killer"

It might be difficult for people to grasp outside of Oakland. (I wouldn't have thought so, but have found that to be the case.)
When Lovelle Mixon killed 4 Oakland Police, a lot of people in Oakland... the Oakland I encounter... had no remorse. People aren't crying over dead cops.

It is quite possible that Lovelle Mixon had no thoughts of Oscar Grant. Lovelle was a parolee out from prison for assault with a deadly weapon. He had apparently violated his parole, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Maybe he just didn't want to go back to prison. But in the minds of many Oaklanders, the two horrific shootings - that of Oscar Grant and that of five Oakland officers - were connected.

That the incident started with a routine traffic stop may point to another trend that fuels resentment.
It all adds up to the sense that parts of Oakland have become a permanent war zone pitting the cops against the citizens, regardless of the fact that it pits working people against each other in the struggle to make sense out of senseless violence.

The combination of power and authority without any accountability perpetuates this attitude on the part of many police officers that goes unchecked.

Our enemies have latched onto this incident and these deaths to further their push for power. We can't ignore it.

We must be ready.
It is crucial that we build and organize and prepare now. A storm may be coming and it would be foolish to wait for the storm to hit to jump into the fray.

"Cop Killer"
"Fuck The Police"


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