Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Put A Donk On It!

While we were busy worrying that screamo crunk was simultaneously the new "it" music and the end of civilization, it seems kids in Wigan/Bolton, England have come up with something quite possibly worse: Donk!

It is dance music for chavs-on-steroids descended from "Scouse House", which should say it all.

I am no fan of Vice Magazine or anything related to them but this VBS Donk documentary blew my fucking mind. It is a must see!

For follow up, check out the interview Fucked Up conducted on the subject of donk.
(Ya, ya, I know... If Fucked Up and Vice have both had their domes popped re; donk, I am a little late on the hipster bandwagon.)

On a sorta related note: I was in the local Borders Books today loitering amongst the magazines. Every rock and/or metal magazine has been overrun with fuckin "emo" and the same fuckin 2 haircuts! It was disgusting and sad.
I didn't even look in AP which looks to be the bible of screamo crunk. I couldn't be seen holding that shit magazine.


Blogger Neel Palrecha said...

JMG couldn't stop talking about donk and how awesome it is..... it sucks, thank you for this post.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Put a donk in it."

matt lucas

10:45 PM  

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