Saturday, March 28, 2009

"killing capital is worse than killing people...duh"

Just yesterday I was thinking about the double standard these douchebags have. With all of Glenn Beck's ranting about the Obama administration coming down hard on citizens, taking away rights, and eventually locking people up, I wondered if they would rally to the defense of the AETA 4. Afterall, the 4 are hardly terrorists by ANY stretch of the imagination. More importantly, I naively thought, here was a material example of the government locking people up... not just some delusional rightwing nightmare.

Well... here it is...

All of a sudden, the crying about rights being trampled is thrown out the window. ELF is held up as REAL TERRORISTS that do millions of dollars worth of damage. Not at all like the right wing militias which actually harm and kill people but who apparently deserve our support.

BECK: "I mean, we called the FBI. The FBI has four ELF members on their most wanted list — four. But there's not a single person from a militia. Congressman Paul, do you believe this is some sort of a setup? I mean, why all of a sudden the interest in these militias?
...ELF has done unbelievable damage, 2,000 crimes since 1979 and over $110 million in damage, but nobody seems to be looking at radicalized terror groups like ELF. Why is that?"

(I am not trying to insinuate that the AETA 4 are, in any way, connected to ELF. I am just using these examples as an illustration of how the Rightwing nuts are not at all actually concerned with our rights.)

(thanx Orcinus)
(and thank you Mel for the title quote!)


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