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V (episode 2) Critique

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At this point, I am still a fan of the V remake and do intend to continue watching (even after the upcoming forced 4 month hiatus).

V is written for idiots. To be fair, most television is. Here are some issues that bothered me:

-I was worried about the introduction of Visitor "drones" in the first episode and especially after their use in espionage in the 2nd episode. With roaming technology such as this, it seems that the Visitors would have such an upper hand against any resistance nearly impossible. (That is not to say that technology is superior to the will of the people.) However, I guess with all the space travel and human disguises, the Visitors are still lacking in photo/video technology so the "drones" are not as useful as I thought. WTF?!

-My biggest gripe about the show is how easily Father Jack and Eric are able to sneak around the Visitors/FBI. I got news for you viewers: The US government, even unaided by alien technology, can track you via satellite/GPS, has CCTV outside their headquarters, and probably can read lies even better than I can through poor acting.

Maybe the Visitors/FBI are allowing Father Jack and Erica to go about their resistance building in order to track them. Even if that was the case, however, X is an FBI agent and would be aware that casually talking to someone who was caught on tape at a hot location and has given information to the Feds right outside of FBI HQ might be a little fuckin suspicious.
The audience is left with only one option: The FBI doesn't do that. We are indirectly made to believe that our government has no interest in tracking its good citizens. Anyone who is familiar with security culture or the US government's actions throughout history and up to today, knows this is not the case.

At least when naive Erica called 911, it was immediately tracked by the Visitors.


Anonymous dp said...

My gripe about the show is that they even try to develop the espionage story in the first place. Given that this is a remake, many people know who are the bad guys and so on, why not just start with the collapse of everything and make it a struggle against the Visitors?

Another idea that would go along with this struggle would be when humans get a hold of Visitor technology because everyone knows that humans invent some crazy weapons. Or is this too District 9? I dunno, but I agree that with all this paralysis curing type tech, you would think the Visitors don´t even need to pretend to be human at all and just blast humans into submission! Ugh.

Another concern of mine about this show is the romantic relationship between Erica´s kid and Supergirl from Smallville (you know who it is!). I just dont think this is worth eating up valuable minutes of airtime. Instead they should focus on other human conditions such as the priest. I kinda like how they scripted the typical priest losing faith in the holy word deal but he just gives in too easily, it only took him approximately...not even a full 2 episodes to say, well screw the church I am in for the fight kinda mentality.

Maybe this is too critical and later on the priest becomes a christian anarchist and starts offing humans and visitors alike with visitor Biotech weapons.

Get more scifi already! and accentuate those anti fascist undertones your predecessor had!

5:53 PM  
Blogger shane said...

I actually think the show sped up or skipped enough aspects to not bore audiences who know what is coming. If they skipped too much more, I think it would confuse people.

I don't think you are the only one irritated with the cheezy flirtations between John Travolta's illegitimate son and Super Girl. I guess I am being patient because I know how important it is to the longterm story (if they stick to what the original V did).

10:36 AM  

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