Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Honeymoon Period

Let's pretend you have two friends in a relationship. Turns out the dude beat the living shit out of his girlfriend. He seemed like a nice enough dude but damn! The girl won't press charges and seeks refuge with her family. When you confront dude, he starts talking about how he found god and is going to work on his shit. Look, I hope he does work on his shit but he sure as hell don't get a free pass.

All of a sudden a mutual friend of everyone's convinces the girl it would be a good idea to move into an isolated house with dude. Of course, she still loves him and thinks it sounds like a good idea. When is it ever a good idea to remove a victim of abuse from friends/family and isolate them with their abuser?! That is classic cult-type shit.

It all begins to look an awful lot like the definition of every abusive relationship.


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