Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Entitlement Crisis"

I am going to tie together some thoughts in my head and some current events.


Big news in the USofA is Obama's stimulus/economic package. I was less interested in seeing what Obama actually planned to do to save capitalism and try to keep his campaign promises as I was to hear the Republican rebuttal. Boy, was I disappointed! The Republicans essentially offered no plan to save this economy or those who are or will be most affected by it.

Big Government (or One Step Backward, Two Forward)
The Republicans resurrect their favorite spectre: big government. Of course, big business, which doesn't even pretend to be democratic, is A-OK. They rail against Obama's tax-hike... But fail to mention it is only a tax increase on the wealthiest. It really gets me heated how the social services which the right-wing want to further destroy are being rebranded as "entitlements" and this crisis is an "entitlement crisis."

So am I, as an anarchist, championing larger government? Not exactly although I do have to laugh when I hear someone like Huckster jackass Bobby Jindal talk about less or no government being a better solution.
The socialist free association anarchists dream of is a far cry from the Ayn Rand-esque nightmare these fuckers are proposing. Afterall, I would rather see a populace take for granted healthcare which is more of a survival service than anything else.

Speaking of healthcare and the survival of capitalism. Y'know, if the USA instituted a cheaper/more efficient healthcare system like France or Canada, it would also end up helping industry which would no longer have to minimally support employees' healthcare and retirement!


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