Sunday, March 01, 2009

SJ 2 CHI 0

OnĀ Feb. 26, I went to The San Jose's preseason match against Colorado Rapids. It was actually the best time I've had at a SJ game. It wasn't over crowded (quite sparse actually), the weather wasn't bad, we could move around, and I saw it with some good friends.

(big ups to Pranjal, Thorn, Lars & Skunx, and Steve Guppy!)

Of course, while I was at Buckshaw Stadium, my buddies were at The Emirates for the North London derby. Quite an exciting game, that was. I mus
t say though- Arsenal have become masters of the 0-0 draw. Fulham deserves the point.


Blogger Pranjal said...

I'm still beaming from having met Steve Guppy. And what a very nice guy!

4:07 PM  

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