Sunday, March 01, 2009

WonderCon 2009

Once again I attended my favorite event of the year, WonderCon in San Francisco.

I arrived 2 hours before kickoff in order to score a wonderful seat for the Watchmen panel. With Watchmen opening next weekend, this was the only major push at a convention prior to release.

Director Zack Snyder was there with most of the cast (except my favorite, Carla Gugino). Dave Gibbons was also there. They played 20+ minutes of the film!! We got to see the entire opening sequence which was total fanboy boner. Then they showed a scene of Rorschach in prison which had me screaming it was so good. Everyone at the Con got Comedian buttons too.

The only other panel I decided to attend was Star Trek. To even get a seat, I had to sit through the preceding panel for RW Goodwin's Alien Trespass. ugh. RW Goodwin was just a total oldman douchebag who couldn't stop dissing actors and talking about how much better the world was in the 1950's.

JJ Abrams came out for Star Trek and really knew how to work a crowd. He was a bit annoying. He premiered the new trailer for us. If the teaser trailer was a nod to fans of original Trek, the new full length trailer was nothing but the typical Hollywood action adventure preview. It was confusingly jarring and uninteresting. Again, we got almost the entire cast. Everyone loved Zachary Quinto. I realized they had nothing interesting to say (unlike Zach Snyder), so I left.

The convention floor was jam packed as usual and being solo, it was difficult to get as many photos as I woulda liked at times.
The 'it' costumes this year were Rorschach and Silk Spectre.

We still had the geeks doing the Heath Ledger Joker though.

A testament to my age was the amount of women my age with children I saw. haha
I got yelled at for taking photos of a Mack movie poster and a sick painted dagger. What do these vendors expect?

A highlight of my day was recognizing Annie Cruz walking the floor and asking for a photo. I don't think anyone was recognizing her at all. Her nice boyfriend took the photo of us between talking about his Misfits cover band to people in Misfits t-shirts.

The only purchases I made were an Arthur Adams sketch "book" (realizing I was not going to get an original sketch) and a tiny Ragnar print.

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I wish I would have known you were going, we could have gone together instead of alone.

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