Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watchmen Spoiler

No, I am not printing the spoiler(s) here.

Every fanboy/girl knows Zac Snyder changed/adapted the story's ending for this film.

I gotta say- He changed it more than I expected.


Blogger frank as fuck said...

Shit doesn't make any sense at all. Since you already read the spoilers, I'll just post the most important part here:

"When the bombs, carrying Jon’s unique energy signatures, go off and cause massive devastation, The U.S. and the Russians determine that America’s Superman has gone off the reservation. The two superpowers decide that humanity needs to stop fighting itself and unite against this common threat. "

Bullshit. The reason the squid makes sense is because it's interpreted as an extraterrestrial threat. Cold War era Russia just sides up with the US when the US' superperson/weapon "goes off the reservation"? How far can a person's disbelief stretch?

"Even adding action elements to the showdown between Nite Owl, Rorschach, and their old teammate doesn’t completely solve this and the result is that the ending feels a bit...flat."

Oh fuck christ. I read another spoiler that basically said Ozymandias gets the shit beaten out of him by Nite Owl at the end and he takes it like a martyr.

I'm sick of hearing people justify the story changes to this by talking about how weird it would have been for non-comic fans. It was weird for us, too, the first time we read it, and that's part of what makes it so awesome. No one is willing to make a weird movie, I guess, so we have to dress it up with 3 hours of slow motion superhero fucking and triumphant ending beat downs.

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