Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Ready To Fight!

Right-wing racists calling themselves National Anarchists have sprung up in the Bay Area.

National Anarchism is a bullshit ideology attempting to co-opt the hip term "anarchy" for racist/nationalistic/"tribal" motives. They advocate racial separatism and believe in the nonsensical idea that anarchy can exist in an autonomous zone alongside capitalism.

These fucks have shown their faces at a recent anti-Israel protest in San Francisco.
Like our European comrades, who have already dealt with "National Anarchists", we must meet them with outright confrontation!

Please Note: I do not condone fighting each other in the midst of a protest called by and in support of Palestinians. I also dislike the idea of more anarchist infighting but these guys are NOT anarchists.
(They apparently operate out of the White bastion of Dublin, CA.)

Bay Area National Anarchist Website

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