Monday, January 12, 2009

Struggle Forward

Not too long ago, a riot cop was shot in Greece. It looked like it could be a setup to curtail the support of those taking over the streets and fighting the state.
Now it is being reported that the shooting is linked to Revolutionary Struggle, an armed left-wing group.
Keep an eye on the situation and see what forces are behind it and how it affects the struggle.

The Economist Magazine has paid attention to the growing global rise of insurrectionary anarchism... even if they can't seem to grasp a clear understanding of it.
They are paying attention.

"There won't be any anarchist protests come Inauguration Day, according to D.C. Police Chief" reports MSNBC. "No anarchist protest groups are planning on showing up," he continues.

new footage of the Oscar Grant killing:

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Check out how freaked out the pig is after he stand up, pulls out his gun, and fires it into Grant's back!
Notice how Grant is still alive. I can't even imagine. How horribly sad.

(thanx sergio)


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