Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ben Edge On Music 10

Civ- "Thirteen Day Getaway":
"Owner's Manual" is a fucking amazing song. It's the best 20 second hardcore song with a bass solo I've ever heard. It could have totally been on Start Today. The rest of the album - well, let's just say that when I first heard it, someone had to tell me who I was listening to. I'm ashamed to say that some of the songs have grown on me, even though it's a total sellout album. "Itchycoo Park" is also the name of a song by the Small Faces, but CIV's "Itchycoo Park" is a totally different song altogether. "

Fripp & Eno- "No Pussyfootin":
"That album pre-dates any Eno solo albums. I had an internet radio show on in '02-'03, and I'd play that album behind my voice when I was talking, just for some ambient background sounds. Check out the cover art closely. Are they chopping up lines of cocaine with Tarot cards?"

The Tie That Binds Compilation:
"Funniest thing about this comp: the Lifetime song "Bringin' It Backwards" is an anti-Floorpunch song. They appear on the comp either just before or just after the Floorpunch track.
The two best bands on the comp: Lifetime and Floorpunch."


Judas Priest- "Rocka Rolla":
"That's the first Judas Priest album. The art on mine doesn't look like a Coca-Cola ad though. Mine has an alien/demon/samurai riding on a missile. This is not really a good record. It sounds like Priest trying to be Sabbath, and not doing a convincing job of it. The second album is where you start to hear the classic Priest sound - Sad Wings of Destiny."

Hear'n Aid- "Stars":
"I like how Spinal Tap were involved. Is it me, or does every singer and every guitarist on this song sound like the same person?"

"Rainbows are so manly! Check out the artwork on Deep Purple's Stormbringer LP. It's friggin' My Little Pony, but it's cool."

Don't forget:
Friday, Jan. 16th
Ben's band, Bad Reaction, plays Burnt Ramen!


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