Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post-Riot Thought

Center For Strategic Anarchy posted a very comprehensive summary of of Jan.7th in Oakland as well as a great analysis of the riot.

I encourage everyone to check it out and I welcome discussion in the comments.


On a related note, there has been a call to support the small businesses that got their property damaged on Jan.7th.
I think this could be a good opportunity for us ("anarchists"?) to show we know the difference between a shop that supports the community (and possibly the actions) and one that deserves to have its windows shattered.
-Patronize these businesses as much as possible as soon as possible-- eat, shop, get a tattoo, and bring good spirit to 17th Street!
-Offer your services (especially glaziers, contractors, etc) to effected businesses

Temple Tattoo is among one of the businesses that got fucked up during the riot. Freddy Corbin and crew have always been awesome to everyone I know. Offer them your support and go get tattooed.

(thanx Jose and Maniac)


Blogger shanedanger said...

"Crazy World" Oscar Grant version

10:16 AM  
Blogger frank as fuck said...

not to be dismissive or anything, but...

kristallnacht? fucking seriously?

i wish he was as careful with his metaphors as he wants people to be with their bricks.

10:37 AM  
Blogger mlucas said...

I would disagree with the CSA analysis. Capitalism is a social relation between people. Its the social relationship that matters, its not a matter of property, nor of scale. The destruction of small local businesses is just as important in getting rid of capitalism as destroying large corporations.

Its also impossible to control people in those situations (riots, insurrectionary moments, strikes etc.) there will always be "collateral" damage in a riot or insurrectionary situation. As an anarchist I think that it is important to be uncontrollable.

Your situationist quote of the day

A weekend of violent revolution is less bloody then a day of the same old, same old.

matt lucas

1:51 AM  
Blogger shanedanger said...

Hi Matt,
I would not disagree that the elimination of small business is an essential component of ridding ourselves with capitalism. When capitalism is gone, so shall businesses of all sizes. However, when capitalism is thrown out, so shall wage slavery. That doesn’t mean we should rage against people who hold jobs. Small businesses are little more than individuals trying to make a living. It does put them into a position of exploiting others for their labor but none of us are void of oppression so long as this system of global capital exists.
I don’t think the issue is one of controllable versus uncontrollable. It is a question of effectiveness, sustainability, and strategy. Since this action and all similar actions do not undo capitalism/hierarchy themselves, they serve as symbolic actions. For symbolic actions to be effective, their motive must be clear (and I am not arguing that the motives in Oakland were not clear) and we must be able to or begin to learn how to continue them. Community sentiment play an extremely important role in the ability to sustain insurrectionary actions.
Our targets must be (or perceived to be) oppression and NOT the people.

Thank you for the wonderful SI quote.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mlucas, while i was reading your comment about how, "The destruction of small local businesses is just as important in getting rid of capitalism as destroying large corporations," i was also thinking about Temple Tattoo, one of the businesses that was damaged during the riot and where i had most of my tattoos done. I hate to hear that they sustained property damage when I know they would definitely support the riot.

I think it is more about "a question of effectiveness, sustainability, and strategy" because had I been the one in front of Temple whilst someone held a brick, trashcan, etc. I would have tried to stop the shop from being damaged.

It should be the banks with property damage or the police stations with broken windows.

4:31 AM  
Blogger mlucas said...

I've gotten tattoos at temple myself and while I probably would have thrown a brick through a different window I still think that all businesses are targets. One of the driving forces behind the social relationship of capitalism is continual expansion. Its impossible to scale down and have local business because eventually those businesses will want to expand and create new markets for more profits. Its not because the people that operate them are good or bad but because of the nature of capitalist social relations.

Its interesting to note how the media focused on the damage of the small businesses in the area, like temple tattoo instead of the large corportations and how the media highlighted the destruction of personal property (people's personal cars) rather than the damage to the police cars.

I gave shalon a copy of Nihilist Communism, to give to Mel to give to you. Hopefully you'll get it. I'll be interested in hearing what you think of it. The first part is the best and then the shorter parts serve as a reiteration of the main piece.

5:38 PM  

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