Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Failure Strategy

I have touched on "Failure Strategy" HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Faisal Shahzad's smoking car in Times Square provided yet another excellent example of failure strategy and still no one realized it.

It was interesting how, initially, the scale of damage capable of the "bomb" was downplayed. As if to assure the public there was nothing to fear... Until fear became a useful tool. Now keywords ("fireball" "hundreds of people") are being used to describe what could have happened but even the media itself is presenting the shortcomings of the bomb.

They caught dude. Apparently he was on a watch list but not the no fly list. What are these lists?!?!?!? They love to tell us that would-be terrorists have been caught using these lists. They calmly tell us that maybe these lists aren't perfect and just need to be more encompassing. Show us the criteria for these lists! If every Muslim or radical is on the list then, of course, whoever they end up catching would be on the meaningless list!


And now apparently anyone can report anything as "suspicious" in Times Square and shut the whole place down. Excellent.


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