Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Glenn Beck Loves Anarchist Books.

Glenn Beck launched into a 10min nonsensical tirade telling us that American unions are using communist revolutionaries to destroy the USA. His proof is random photos and anarchist literature.

I don't know that I can even encourage you to watch the clip.
It makes no sense at all. Basically Beck does his usual listing of names, organizations, and ideologies as if by saying them all at once, they are magically connected in some master conspiracy.

I am sure his viewers ate it up. Maybe they will keep giving us money by buying anarchist books.

(Does he purposely misconstrue fundamental politics or is he seriously have the political education of a 4 year old?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's worth watching if just for the rad protest footage.
I love how he called that group at the end "la youth". It sounded weird so I went to the website. Sure enough, it's L.A. Youth, but I guess "la youth" sounds more foreign.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about this clip is that his understanding of the invisible committee as "communists who use anarchist tactics" along with many engaged in the struggle in Greece is actually, ironically and seemingly paradoxically quite accurate.

-bryan g

12:26 AM  

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