Sunday, January 03, 2010

The New Terror War Front

We are all still experiencing the security and aggression impact from dude lighting his chonies on fire and attempting to blow a hole in a flight heading to Detroit.

Why did he do it? Well, if "al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" is to be believed, it was retaliation for the U.S.'s role in a recent Yemeni military offensive.
This is key and widely ignored by corporate media and the US government because it points to US aggression in a sovereign state, Yemen. Now, of course, the loud rhetoric coming from the US and UK governments is that military actions will be take (or stepped up) inside Yemen against Islamic fundamentalism. It is very clever to start a war without telling anyone, wait for a counter-strike, and then declare that counter-strike as the reason for the war.

A Fourth Front
Although USA was involved covertly in this new front in the nebulous "war on terrorism", it would seem a genius strategy to get the USA deeper involved in this front while we are still fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It seems like military suicide to willingly open a new front.

Take a look at this map.
How much longer can Iran and Saudi Arabia stay (semi) neutral while they are surrounded by wars?

Al Qaeda doesn't even need their missions to be "successful." Their attacks generate more expense (a nice return in red ink for a relatively small effort) even when they fail. Failure is interesting, as a strategy, because it doesn't require the necessary planning, funding, and training required for a potentially successful attack. As a result, attacks can be made quickly across a broad spectrum of targets.

At this point, al Qaeda, as much as it even exists as an actual organization, is a decentralized international spirit of resistance. If every action taken against the USA has been in retaliation for actions against Muslim regions/people, what would happen if the US stopped provoking the attacks? This blowback is desired. It is desired because it is profitable.

This new front as well as the surge in Afghanistan are profitable actions made in the interest of our privatized military force.
This privatized military has been granted immunity from any US or international law. Even bloodsuckers, Goldman Sachs, are in on the take.

Now we are all, once again, being told to give up more of our freedom for security for a fool's war and the profits of a privatized military that is beholden to no master.


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Along the lines of this post and an excellent history lesson:

Lenin's Tomb: Obama In Aden

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