Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hardcore/Punk Excitement

It has been a long time since I have been excited (or even mildly interested) in any new hardcore/punk to come out.
At the end of last year I even tepidly nominated Blacklisted's "No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me" as a fave of 2009. Almost six month's later and I realize how quickly I grew bored of it.

I recently found some excitement in hardcore again with two songs:

-Lion Of Judah - "18" from Number-rology ep
Really all three songs on the Number-rology comp are great. The have a good mix of 80's hardcore with elements of Rites of Spring and Fugazi. This ep was released in late 2009 by YoungBlood Records and I think the label and band failed big time as far as getting the word out or having any significant web presence.
(I would provide a link to purchase but can't find one in stock.)

-Ceremony - "Sick" from Rohnert Park ep
Ceremony was my favorite band after their first 7'' but I couldn't listen to any of their other releases all the way through. With every 30 seconds of greatness, one had to wade through a minute of ambient droning noise. I think Ceremony's new recorded material are heading in a different direction and I love it. This song "Sick" is a lot more rock n roll than chaotic punk and just jams on and on. The lyrics get a thumbs up as well. I am excited to hear more of the new stuff.
(Buy here)

I am sure you can find the songs/ep's for free download easy enough. I did. If you do, I highly suggest supporting these bands in some form... Buying music is dead but going to shows or buying t-shirts isn't!)


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