Saturday, May 08, 2010

Will Smelko vetoes Israel Divestment

On 18 March 2010, the Student Senate approved a bill (SB118A) to divest from companies that provide military support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine. UC Berkeley's Zionist student body president Will Smelko vetoed SB118A a week later, and the bill was voted on again on 14 April and 28 April was the last debate considering the bill. However, the count was one vote short of the two-thirds majority (14 votes) needed to override the veto.

I cannot fucking believe that after all the hard work and the vote in favor of divestment, one shitty dude derailed the process. So much for any facade of democracy. The Zionists involved AIPAC (and AIPAC's money) and had Hillel issued ultimatums with undertones of intimidation.


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