Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Are Watching

Tonight in a dimly lit room of my peers, I was asked a question about this blog,
"Blogspot. Are you concerned with who owns what you write?.. Who might be reading what you write?"
As always seems the case in these interactions, a quick insufficient answer was spit out before the next storm of noise canceled out dialogue.

There are two distinct questions. With the question of ownership, I am not concerned. I borrow. I steal. A lot of words I post are regurgitated from other sources. I suppose the feudal lords of Google could claim ownership of my words and their league of lawyers would back it up. I don't post here with the concern of how these words will be used after we are done with them.

Am I concerned that state and corporate spies have their eyes on me? I have no illusions that if either wished to see me behind bars or dead, I would be. I am careful. We all must be. Some words are better off not spoken or typed. However, I would rather be part of an empowering chorus than part of a scared underground.

Now let's continue... with our tired bloodshot eyes and our sore arthritic hands.

Let us shatter the overly precious images of ourselves whose reflections lull us into passivity.


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