Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taxes & Trust

Americans hate taxes... At least, I am told we do, or we are supposed to. We have, at least, hated them since Reagan and his crew told us to. And why? Because we should not trust "big government." It is easy to not trust government when you don't trust anyone.

I don't trust government for one bit. I know how they actually spend our tax money. It is no secret. It props up capital and empire. However, a society, whether stateless or not, must provide for its people. That is the very basis of society/community. (Reminds me of Thatcher's "There is no such thing as society- merely individuals and their families")

Perhaps it is a matter of what people give and receive from society? Perhaps this pathological anti-tax rage in the US is a result of distrust... not a distrust of government but a distrust of people.

Sociological Images has a great in depth article contrasting Dane's attitudes towards taxes and each other to Americans':


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