Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rap + Booze

Tracing the Connection Between The Beats and The Bottles

80% of rap songs contain references to alcohol. (8 percent of rap songs had references to alcohol in 1979, but by 1997, 44 mentioned booze.)

This isn't a coincidence. It is a calculated merger of performers and alcohol companies.
You can't tell me Jay-Z's very public break from drinking Cristal (which did make a somewhat classist/racist remark but also, apparently, did not pay artists for the name-dropping) and move to constantly hyping Ace of Spades isn't lining his pockets. He's not a businessman. He's a business, man!

I realize Jamie Foxx ain't rap.


Blogger coachjacquidobens said...

Say what you will about rappers like Jay Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye. Gotta admit they are serious businessmen. Like you said I'm a business man!

For 5 Life Lessons Learned From Rappers:

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