Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Our Daughters To Work

Today was Take Our Daughters To Work Day... er... I mean Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day.

Take Our Daughters to Work Day was started in 1993 by liberal feminist Gloria Steinem. The intent was to counter the disenfranchisement of women. The day was designed specifically to address self-esteem of girls and to expose them to careers often not presented to them.

The Day resisted reactionary pressure to include boys initially. Well, in 2003, Take Our Daughters To Work Day was officially changed and promoted as Take Our Daughters AND SONS To Work Day. What is the point of starting a day/program to help out the disenfranchised if you just include the already enfranchised?! There is already a day for that. It is called EVERYday!

Some educators are also asking that parents not remove their children from school to take them to work.

Our children- especially young girls- need to learn they are more than a career. While taking them to work and showing them different environments might promote goals of becoming a successful business person, I can think of nothing less I would want to imprint on a young person than the nightmares of slaving away for capital.

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