Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch Watchmen Again?

The film adaptation of Watchmen might be in trouble in terms of Hollywood blockbusters. Maybe it is a result of Alan Moore’s chaos magyk but no giant blue cock can solve this one (if, indeed, it is a real “problem”).
No matter how loud fanboys jizzed in their pants, most reviews have been mixed or just indifferent. Word is that the box office drop from opening weekend is significant. Now I am sure Watchmen has made a lot of money and can continue to make tons more. However, in Hollywood terms, if the film doesn’t break records (couldn’t even break 300’s opening weekend) and there is more than the projected drop going into the second week, the vapid press and studio execs will write it off. This will begin an echo chamber effect that labels Watchmen a “flop.” In turn, less people/flocks of sheep will go see it. A self fulfilling prophecy if you will.

What of the film and its reception? The professional critics have been unmoved. These professionals are quick to dismiss the blog reviews which have been far far more positive (and represent a more accurate representation of the film’s audience). However, the general movie going public wants to see a Spider-Man type of super hero flick. I don’t know if a densely involved drama involving costumed “heroes” is as palatable. Herein lies one of the film’s major marketing issues. Should Watchmen be able to survive and prosper on the merits of the story, acting, and direction? Plenty of dramas are successful in their arena. However, most dramas don’t have insane budgets spent on crazy special effects. Most successful dramas don’t have a main character who is computer generated. And so, Watchmen must be marketed and survive in the arena of adventure blockbuster and face it- Watchmen is much more cerebral than other films in that arena.

With all that said, can Watchmen survive, and more importantly prosper, on merit alone? Does ANY film prosper on merit alone? No. Hayter’s plea to fans is not much different than a filmmaker’s hope pinned to Academy recognition for box office results (except that fans are a less elite and vested group than The Academy). David Hayter’s plea for fans to go see it again smells a bit of desperation. Whether or not there is any real financial trouble, he sure sounds like there might be… unless we save it! Haha! In some ways, I am uncomfortable with how genre films are marketed like fanboys/fangirls are indebted to the film. At least Watchmen remained fairly true to the source material (instead of drastically departing from it and still expecting all original fans to show up).

I might be more inclined to pay to see Watchmen again if Hayter didn't come off as such a douchebag. Afterall, he favorably likened viewing Watchmen to a rape, “You'll come back, eventually. Just like Sally."

…and I really liked the film too!

(thanx Videogum, Sergio, & Frank)


Blogger frank as fuck said...

Nice writeup of a totally ridiculous chain of events. A world where a movie can make tens of millions of dollars and "fail"? A world where screenwriters beg for viewers and make bad rape references?

I don't know if you've looked yet, but is fucking hi-larious.

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