Friday, January 16, 2009

Watch American Gangster (BET)

One of the best and most progressive shows on TV is BET's American Gangster. Not only does it tell the amazing tales of various well known and lesser known gangsters, hustlers, and criminals but it balances the tales with their effect on communities and relationship to power, oppression, and the "law."
I love criminal culture but I also love how the show's tales are framed in the context of these gangster's social environments. A lot of the figures possess a Robin Hood-like quality.

This week's episode features the infamous Romper Room gang out of Vallejo. Anyone who was in Northern Califoolya in the early 90's or is a fan of the late Mac Dre knows about Romper Room and will want to see the show.

The last episode of this current third season will feature Mutulu Shakur in what should be one not to miss. Shakur was a Black Liberation Army soldier, was a close confident to and family member of Tupac, and is currently a political prisoner/prisoner of war.


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