Friday, January 16, 2009

On Jan.14th, 2 of my favorite things were in Oakland.

$hort Dog condemns violence... but he condones pimpin'

tear gas

"The powers that be are playing it as always: arresting one of their own to try and convince that its only about “bad apples” and that no more rebellions are needed because the “justice” systems works.”

A lot of the attention on the Oscar Grant riots has focused on anarchists (rightfully so?).
A great analysis of anarchists' participation as well as the flawed narrative being presented is OAKLAND ON FIRE by Kara N. Tina.
"The allegations of an anarchist takeover are destructively misleading. At best they come from ignorance and at worse they represent a flawed and divisive ideology of social change which embodies paternalistic and racist assumptions about those involved in the actions. To scapegoat anarchists for what transpired, robs from marginalized and oppressed youth of color the agency they possess and the power to resist which they demonstrated that evening. It also ignores the remarkable diversity and unique solidarity in the streets that created an liberating experience far beyond any rally or march."

Coming from a blog I read and support, Miss Kristia gives her folks some decent advice on recommended protest attire. Unfortunately, she also levels a pretty harsh and somewhat naive criticism against anarchists.
"For example White anarchist and White radical groups usually cover up. These groups also have a growing reputation for doing inconsiderate and/or hurtful shit at rallies. They rarely take into consideration the presence of elders or children. They don't plan their shit out enough. Really I could go on forever. But the worst part is that because of their bad decision-making, it's frequently Black and Brown men and women who get blamed and arrested for the shit these folks do."
I completely agree that White adventurism often leads to communities of Color bearing the brunt of police repression. However, in situations where it helps to have one's identity hidden (i.e. riots or property destruction), I would have to point to (White) anarchists as providing decent examples of principled action and organization.
Let's take into consideration Miss Kristia's words and move forward taking folks and communities around us into consideration. (I am speaking to anarchists of all stripes.)

Multiple targets have been attacked all over the Bay Area in solidarity with Oscar Grant and the hyphy / anarchy riots. I believe 3 banks have been attacked in one week! Go to Social Rupture for further updates!

On a side note: We would be stupid not to think the pigs are setting up sites detailing actions against the state to track visitors.

Stormtroopers Preparing for Battle

On Feb. 6th on Oakland, there will be an Anti-Police Brutality Art Show.


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