Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israel Loses

Israel Loses..?

The fifth largest army in the world, equipped with nuclear weapons and the full-backing of the most powerful empire in world history, has just invaded the Gaza Strip. It is fighting against a people in one of the poorest, most densely populated regions on the planet - and they have endured years of a total blockade of all entry points that have all but starved the people and destroyed the economy. It seems foregone that Israel will utterly crush Hamas and all Palestinian resistance. That's certainly the attitude of even Fatah, which had previously led the Palestinian national liberation movement. Why else capitulate so thoroughly to Israel's apartheid agenda, other than a belief that nothing else is possible but to lead an eviscerated bantustan?

Hamas has been greatly strengthened by the current attack and the status of President Abbas reaffirmed as a spineless collaborator with Israel;Mubarak likewise

If the Arab regimes begin to collapse - and Egypt's is the one to watch - it will signal the collapse of four decades of work to create a compliant network of pro-American regimes.

Unless Israel is able to utterly smash Hamas - an unlikely prospect given its wide support and deep roots - all they will achieve within Palestine, besides wide-spread destruction, is more support for the resistance movement. And it may well be the case that Israel is forced to lift the siege of Gaza's economy to achieve an internationally backed ceasefire.


Only 19 percent of Israelis supported a ground invasion!
There has been a long term decline in Jewish American identification with Israel.
American Jews are more critical of Israel than the general population in the United States.

(A truly insightful and optimistic article I encourage everyone to read from Lenin's Tomb)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great article, and great blog overall (yours and lenin's tomb).

I think the points on the support for Israel among the general population vs. American Jews is really important; as well as the analysis of Israel is the post-Lebanon war period and the decline of it's ability to strike fear against movements.

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