Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting Ready: Public Relations

Public relations, the media, and the people have all been ramping up conflicting narratives of riots that have yet to happen.

Chip Johnson writes a piece for SFGate that clearly tows the line of the pigs and their collaborators. The article primarily relies on quotes from a Kevin Grant (no relation to Oscar) after firmly establishing him as "fiercely Oakland-centric." Kevin seems to accidentally point to the non-profit pig collaborators as the true "outside agitators" with this line, "We ain't got bullhorns in the hood!" he said. "Nobody's mama went out and bought them bullhorns."

The Bay Citizen also tries to make the case that no one wants riots regardless of pigs murdering people. Afterall, riots that destroy property are somehow worse than and the cause of police brutality.

Luckily, of course, all the media, pigs, and pig collaborators can shout their bullshit narrative all they want. I have the feeling that those who might take to the streets don't believe the hype and/or are not the type who watch the news or read the hottest Oakland blogs.

SF Bayview have a piece from "Minister of Information JR" that presents a more accurate narrative... from someone who was involved in the rebellions following Oscar Grants killing!

"the media’s sweethearts after the first day of rebellions... turned out to be the pseudo-activist arm of the Dellums regime in Oakland"

"One of the demands to help prevent police terrorism in Oakland... was a healing center in which people could get counseling. How does that prevent police terrorism? Don’t people get counseling after a traumatic incident? We are still in the midst of one of the biggest cover-ups in Oakland police history."

"Another bullshit statement that was promoted by... the non-profit sector involved in the Oscar Grant movement was that “the rebellions were caused by outsiders.”
Why was that lie propagated? I believe that it was put out so that the people in Oakland and in the world would be given the impression that the rebellions didn’t have popular support
, because the reality is that although a number of Black people have been killed in high profile cases elsewhere, including Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, and Michael Walker, to name a few, none of those cities went up in smoke like Oakland, California."


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