Friday, July 02, 2010

Long Live Oscar Grant!

I believe Mehserle will be convicted of manslaughter and handed a slap on the wrist. They like to pretend the courts exist in some objective vacuum but they don't and I think pig will take the fall to spare the city. What if that isn't enough? What if the people of Oakland take to the streets and vent their anger and frustration at the real perpetrators of violence- the state and their warmongering pigs? What if there is no visible "black bloc?" What if there is no overtly visible White anarchist presence? That sure as fuck would let the wind out of the sails of the liberal collaborators. Who are they going to blame then? What if anarchists and others are smart enough to know not to attack when the police are waiting for them? Oscar Grant's murder should be avenged. His death is but a symbol of how bad it is. The only "outside agitators" responsible for the anger of Oakland are the OPD! When the collaborators tell us that any extralegal actions only make matters worse, I have a difficult time understanding how it gets worse than police continuing to murder Black men. What if people attack the state apparatus and all its tentacles when the leviathan least expects?


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