Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rediscover music: Dance Disaster Movement

It is always enjoyable to dig out some music you virtually forgot about to re-discover and enjoy it.

Close to 10 years ago, I loved the chaotic dance post-punk of Dance Disaster Movement. I recently threw DDM on and I still really enjoy it. A little bit like The Rapture x The Make Up + lo-fi synth wave. I have really fond memories of seeing the duo of Matt & Kevin spazz out live in their all white outfits. Those guys were two super friendly and funny dudes.
Their pinnacle, in my opinion, is the track "The Shots". Towards the end, the duo seemed to grow tired of their all-white schtick and dance rhythms and moved more towards chaos.

I encourage everyone to check them out posthumously.
MySpace (I am shocked to see their MySpace account was logged into as recent as 3/10/10)

Old DDM Dim Mak page


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