Sunday, April 25, 2010

Attack Arizona!

If you don't know already, the insane fascist state of Arizona marches on with a new law that blatantly targets Latinos and makes Brown skin reason enough to be stopped by the law.

The media loves to call this law "harsh" or "strict" but using those words only serves the narrative that this is a just law which is solving a problem albeit with uneasy-to-stomach means. It is not. It is a racist law and nothing less.
(It is interesting that the laws never actually target capital which is free to cross borders.)

AZ is a white flight state. Approximately 85% of the citizens in the state sitting on what was Mexico are White. I imagine most of them to be rightwing paranoids afraid of Mexicans stealing their way of life. The state has already begun militarized raids on Mexican/Indigenous communities and fascist Sheriff Arpaio may be the next Govenor.

This law means:

It is illegal for any person to be on public or private land (meaning in any location within the state) without carrying verification proving citizenship or legal residency.

Every person must now carry proof of legal residency at all times in Arizona,and may legally be asked by any state employed to present documentation.

It is illegal for any person to house or transport any person who cannot provide legal documentation within the United States.

Think about it... Everyone is now required to have state identification on them at all times for any state employee to verify. You can't even legally drive someone around who does not have identification.

This is directly aimed at Latinos (approx. 40% of the state) and you can bet they will be stopped, pulled over, and harassed on any whim to harass and provide identification.
Without losing sight of that, what else does this law do? State identification not only targets those it seeks to exclude but also forces the state onto those the law seeks to include. It defines and codifies who you are.
Another frightening ramification of this is how it will undoubtedly affect dissidents who seek anonymity. If you are protesting in any legal or extralegal fashion, cops can stop you at any point and legally demand identification. Not stopping and providing documentation is illegal.

Let no aspect of Arizona be safe. Let the state that found discomfort in honoring a Black man who tried to show White people the meaning of civilization again find discomfort as the state is besieged. Once this racist law is gone, let the offensive continue. That which cannot be changed should be cut off and destroyed like a poisoned limb.


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