Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes, More on Haiti

The flow of information coming out of and/or regarding Haiti is internet-style overload. I hate contributing to the deluge but I do think a lot can be observed and learned from this event in regards to imperialism, civilization's collapse, survival, disaster capitalism, anarchy, and the imposition of law & order.

"There are no security issues".
...newspapers and on television programmes across the world, uncritically reproducing the claims of the Haitian police, using less than a handful of named and unnamed witnesses as editorial sock puppets to justify the attempts to spread terror and organise vigilante violence - to actually create the very suspicion, mayhem, and bloodshed that has so far been notable by its absence...
But what we are seeing here is the entirely justifiable expropriation of hoarded goods in stores and other situations being used to characterise the situation as a security crisis. In a scandalous if barely reported manipulation of aid workers, it has emerged that both UN and US authorities instructed people not to deliver relief directly to the victims, because doing so will lead to them being attacked by an 'angry mob'.

CNN's Anderson Cooper poses for a photo op with an injured boy he can then rescue on camera. (That shit is all the rage after Katrina.)

10,000 US troops taking over, 3,500 extra UN troops are being sent to combat "lawlessness".

Mercenary trade association, the International Peace Operations Association, are offering their services in Haiti.
Among the services offered are: “High Threat terminations,” dealing with “worker unrest,” armed guards and “Armed Cargo Escorts.”

The US military has taken control of the (wreckage of the) presidential palace, and Port-au-Prince's general hospital. Thankfully, capitalism is quickly being reestablished.

One of the more inspiring things to rise out of this disaster are The International Anti-Capitalist Disaster Response Brigades.
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