Monday, January 11, 2010

Help The Trailer Park Trash Cats

The Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund is assisting in a project to rescue about 25 to 30 cats living at a Sacramento trailer park that is slated to be bulldozed on January 15, 2010. There are only two human tenants left, the rest having been evicted and leaving their beloved pets to starve to death or be crushed under rubble. One of the saddest aspects to this story is that it wasn't their intention to just leave them, they, themselves have nowhere to live either.

Any funds earmarked for this program will go towards not only the cats' medical needs, but to pay for their boarding, food, litter to anyone that will open their house on a temporary basis. Otherwise, the cats that are lucky to be rounded up with no place to go, will have to be sent to the pound for euthanasia.

We need to act quickly to get these cats out of this horrible situation. Time is running out. The city of Sacramento will not cooperate with us and is locking the gates on January 15, no matter how many cats are left. Right now, they are barely being fed, there is broken glass scattered all over the place (one of the cats has an injured paw and several are sick).

The friendly cats will eventually be run through PetSmart in order to find a new home. Our hope, depending on how many people can help, is that any cats deemed not adoptable, will either be placed in barn cat situation or we might be able to house them here, depending on the numbers!

Unfortunately, we are finding out that many of the cats are not as friendly as we hoped and therefore, might end up having to come to the sanctuary, which puts an additional financial burden on us (we are already totally full with over seventy cats) to care for them the rest of their entire lives.


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