Saturday, January 16, 2010

HuffPost and Tila's "Abortion"

I don't know why the hell anyone cares about Tila Tequila. We would all be better off (including Tila) if we just ignored her. If Huffington Post is going to "report" on this attention whore, at least they could keep anti-abortion bullshit off of their pages.

Recently, HuffPost posted an article entitled 'Tila Tequila Talks About Her Abortion, Lack of Friends.' However, the article makes NO mention of an abortion! It includes this quote from Tila:
"Then was I was 17 I got pregnant and my boyfriend at the time hit me in the stomach with a hammer & I got a miscarriage"

Uh, hitting your pregnant girlfriend in the stomach with a hammer is not an abortion. It is assault!

MTibbs brought this point up in the comments section. As is typical in comments sections and message boards it quickly devolved into idiocy with people insisting the hammer was the abortion.
Tell the liberals at HuffPost to stop buying into the rightwing's anti-abortion rhetoric.

Unfortunately for us all, Tila Tequila says she is writing a book dedicated to her "son." I love dedicating things to people who don't exist. In fact, this blog entry is dedicated to Logan Garcia, the man who would have been my best friend... if he ever existed. sigh


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